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  • We are coming into a time where God is speaking more than ever! He continuously speaks to us in ways that are known to us but also in ways that we have yet to discover. In my own personal faith walk, I found that God gives us hints, or should I say “puzzle pieces” to the bigger picture. That bigger picture is a promise, a future, a faith and a hope that the Lord has for us! These bits and pieces are things we have yet to discover and also are continually unraveling with the help of Holy Spirit, concerning our identity in Christ, our lives, our ministries and so much more!

    The reason why I created this journal is because the Lord has various ways on how He speaks to us. Sometimes it comes through writing, reading and images! I have notebooks, sketchbooks and I even use my phone notes to write and draw all that the Lord reveals. So needless to say, things are everywhere and I am sure I am not the only one! So, I have decided to create a notebook suitable to have everything all in one place!

    I have even provided a table of contents for you for easy organization and reference! With this, you will be able to cross reference when applicable should the Lord show you connecting messages. This is a great way to organize what you hear from the Lord and great to take to church, on a walk, or any special place in your secret time with the Lord!

    May the messages you receive be a word, a sermon or even a dream! In this journal you will be able to document the date, time and message the Lord reveals. There are places for you to even draw images if shown any and a place to write down the Lord's interpretation. But always remember: interpretation belongs to the Lord!

    This journal will hold 50 unique messages consisting of the generic titled page, a drawing and interpretation page! I hope that this blesses you and helps you really tune deeper into what the Lord is speaking! May your journey become enlightened and fruitful!

    What is God Saying to Me? Journal


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    Brittne Rose Art. Prophetic Christian Art Small Buisness. Colors of God, Letters from His heart
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