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  • His blood was shed for me, for you, for ALL!
    Jesus is the way the truth and life. We cant get to the Father without going through Him first! I heard the Lord say "the door is open, the door is open"! While the door is open, while there is still time, take hold of the free gift that was made available to you. Take hold of salvation today. For His blood washed you white as snow!
    His blood cleanses us from all sins! There is nothing that He doesnt not see, that He does not know. And because of that, His grace abounds deep and His love for you reigns true forever and ever!
     אל שדי (El Shaddai - All Sufficient One) 
    ישוע (Yeshua - Salvation) 
    יהוה רפא (Yahweh Rapha - The One Who Heals)

    The Way Charcoal Canvas Print, Messianic, Passover Christian Wall Decor

    PriceFrom $45.00
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