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  • Reflection of He Who Lives Within - 24”x24” Mixed Media Original

    I really took my time with this one! It all started with blowing bubbles with children at my job a couple years back — I heard the Lord speak!

    Long story short… within the bubble we see the reflection of ALL things! All warped in the beautiful spectrum of light and color!

    Jesus says that no one may see His face and live! Because His face is so bright and beautiful, our physical bodies wouldn’t be able to handle the full essence of Him. Remember Moses who was on the mountain for DAYS and when he came back, the Israelites had to cover up his face because of the essence He carried from being the Lords presence for so long!

    With that being said, the bubble is a reflection of that essence! Of what’s the true reality of the realm that the Lord lives in. All in all, it’s a reflection of what’s to come, of who He desires for us to be and to come to know — that we ARE made in His image! That we too carry this glory and this glory lives within! That he says in John 15, we that should abide in Him, He should also abide in us. You have a gift, you have a beauty that lives within you and much more!

    Reflection of He Who Lives Within - 24x24 Mixed Media Original

      Brittne Rose Art. Prophetic Christian Art Small Buisness. Colors of God, Letters from His heart
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