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  • Glorified Unity - Mixed Media




    This piece of art came forth from a vision I received from the Lord. I saw waves tossing to and fro. I realized these were two different kinds of waves and that they symbolizes God’s people! These were two different sides trying to come together and meet in the middle: old and New Testament, Jew and Gentile, etc. Eventually, with the burst of newfound revelation coming from the Lord on both sides, a Glorified Unity takes place - a mission the Lord tends to accomplish in the Body Of Christ.


    This painting goes so much deeper than what is said. Even if I had 10 minutes to explain the depths, it just would not do it justice. This one represents two different sides( blue and white) tossing to and fro like waves, but eventually coming together as ONE (the unified line going down the middle). The burst of color and sparkles represent the glory of the Lord that falls on all peoples allowing for this unification to take place!


    Overall, this represents the body of Christ as a whole. Both sides! Old and New testament, Jews and non Jews (gentiles), old knowledge and new knowledge, etc (Mat. 15:51-52). It can go many ways! However, the results are the same! The Lord will continue to spring forth burst of revelation and His people WILL come together in a glorified unity that can only be done by HIM. Remember, a day will come that all knees will bow and every tongue will confess.




    Glorified Unity - 16x20in Mixed Media

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    • Thank you for considering on have my art reside in your home! It really means so much to me to be able to do the Lord's work and to touch people through unique creativity.

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