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  • Reflection Canvas Print
    This canvas print stems from an original charcoal drawing of a vision I had. A vision that came forth piece by piece containing special elements revealed to me by the Lord. As I was drawing these elements, the Lord gave me a name for each one: rose (rose of Sharon), fire (fire of God), waters (waters coming from the throne room), and rainbow (covenant promise).  As I was drawing, subtracting and shading, one very key thing I realized was that the light refraction of the rainbow created the rose. The rainbow, along with flowing waters are both branching out from the throne room of God. If the rose is created by the image light of the rainbow and part of it being engulfed by flames of fire, what does this say to you?
    These elements are so significant that no matter how you put it what you see and what you hear, it's all going to point back to the Lord. This is the personal message that I got "I am a reflection of Him -- made in His image. He lives in me. His holy fire always reside within me. I am never alone. It's a special vow. A special promise. A special love."
    What is the Lord saying to you today through this?
    Have any questions or thoughts? Please reach out to me via

    Christian Charcoal Canvas Print, Prophetic Wall Art

    PriceFrom $45.00
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