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About Brittne Rose Art

My name is Brittne Rose! I am a Christian artist who likes to paint, sculpt and do other kinds of creation! Everything you see on my site, the design, the colors, etc, are all Holy Spirit led. I like to think this makes me unique because nothing is created by own understanding. Almost all of the time I don’t know what I am making until the very end. At other times, I don’t understand the process but I trust it anyways because the Lord’s will is perfect!

I am also a mentor and teacher! I like to teach people how to bring alive a special vision, word or dream in a creative project!

My goal is to not only produce the colors and the letters of the Heart of Grace, but also, to portray both sides of God’s family, bringing unity, and hoping to shed light, truth, and love into someone’s life.

I do commissions! God has a way with words and knows each of us better than we know ourselves! I can do abstract, charcoal, mixed media, 3D art! Just say the word and we can work together and put the Word of God over life into a beauitful and creative masterpiece!

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Brittne Rose Art. Prophetic Christian Art Small Buisness. Colors of God, Letters from His heart
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