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Prophetic Art Commission Request

Looking to bring a word, dream, revelation to life?

Submit your inquiry to Brittne Rose today!


Let's collaborate to bring something extraordinary to life! Whether it's some very simple or a grand vision, I'm deeply committed to assisting you in crafting an inspiring piece of art.

Every creation of mine is solely inspired by the Lord, guided by His will from the initial spark of inspiration to the final masterpiece. For those seeking commissioned art pieces beyond matters of faith, I'm open to discussion and will kindly inform you if I'm able or not to fulfill your request.

I work with various mediums including acrylics, oils, epoxy, charcoal and other media.


Prices vary from $80 to $320, and sizes range from 12x12 inches to 18x24 inches. Please reach out if your looking for a bigger size!

The Process:
Let's talk about your story! We'll explore different mediums to find the perfect match for your concept. If you already know what you want, let's create a drawing board and get down to the creative process!


A fifty percent deposit is required upfront, with the remaining balance due when the project is 95% complete.

If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! :)

Brittne Rose Art. Prophetic Christian Art Small Buisness. Colors of God, Letters from His heart
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