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About Brittne Rose

Finding the Heart of Grace

Splattered Paint

Brittne's Story

With a seed planted into my heart in 2022,  Brittne Rose Art didn't officially start until 2023. I was on a personal journey of finding my identity and voice through the Lord. I was one of those kids growing up who saw the world through a unique pair of lens. I had an understanding of things but in a different light. Needless to say, I was rejected and made fun of a lot and I questioned my difference. In 2018, I got to experience the Lord in a new way. I found that there was something deeper to the Lord -- a special kind of relationship that Jesus yearns to have with each of us ! At the end of 2019, I decided to give my life wholeheartedly. That very next day I went bright and early to church. I sat in the very front and listened to the pastor speak. At a special part of His sermon, I  heard a booming voice thundering over the very words the pastor was speaking, "Let all old things go, lay it down at my feet and trust in me!"  It was literal thunder!

After that day I left in awe and wonder. I felt free, at peace and not alone for the first time in my life. All the stories and testimonies that I heard from many people and their encounters with the Lord became very true to me in that moment! That encounter suddenly became one of many testimonies that I could add to the bank of others.


After that happened, I then wanted to understand why God created me, what was my role in the body of Christ and what made me unique! I had such desire and fire in my heart for this journey! But the one thing I never expected was to go through such intense warfare! This is another story of it's own, but  I had to always keep in the back of my mind that God wouldn't give us more than we could handle. I learned in the battles that I could trust Him and trust the process. That even though things may have seemed very intense for a while, it was God's way of preparing me, building and giving me armor and allowing me to learn to fight my battles WITH Him! Many times I have thought of quitting, but the Lord told me one day that this was me picking up my cross! That as a result in following Him, I would have to endure some things.


Many encounters, visions and dreams later, people gave me prophetic words saying that I would paint for the Lord, that I would create for Him. So many confirming words were given. Previously and up to that time, art was just a little hobby, I barely drew, nothing more! I laughed at the idea of painting because I didn't know how nor have I taken the time to even try. It wasn't long after that I would have dreams of myself painting extravagant paintings and anything related to creativity!  Ideas upon ideas would penetrate my spirit non-stop and still does to this day.


After awhile I bought some art supplies and started to paint -- and then something happened! While I was painting, I heard the Lord speak directly to me.  In the present moment, I was shown what colors to use, my starting point, how to create the stroke and more! I can honestly say I was in my own prophetic art class with the Lord and he was teaching me so much and a lot of technique came out naturally! Because of this, I was able to discover other hidden abilities I had -- sculpting, creating things out of nothing with my own hands and more!


 These abilities turned into my strength which eventually turned into my voice and expression of the Lord's heart and eventually in to passion.  Any time I create I NEVER create out of my own strength and heart because every time I would try, my creations would never come out right! The Lord is very direct in what He wants to say to His people -- to you! He is very direct in what He has called for me to do! He wants a deeper relationship with all of us and there is so much He wants to say!  I strive to not only reveal the Lord's heart through unique art, but to also teach it! I strive to help others also find their own identity and voice through this special gift of creativity. You never know, you may also find undiscovered talent, and an undiscovered part of your identity and voice that you never knew you had.


But most importantly, to forge a deeper relationship with Jesus! 

Brittne Rose Art. Prophetic Christian Art Small Buisness. Colors of God, Letters from His heart
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